Slack + Brix

Phone numbers for your slack channels

Slack transformed how your team collaborates, cooperates, and communicates. If you’ve been using it for a while, by now it should be talking nicely with your other systems and software, making your life a whole lot simpler.

But one thing that might not be connected is your phone number. That’s about to change. By connecting Brix to Slack you can give any Slack Channel a UK 0330 phone number using a simple slash command.

0330 numbers are ideal for businesses, as they cost the same to call as a landline, and they're included in minute bundles with every mobile operator.

Any calls to your Brix numbers will be sent to all the people in the relevant channel with UK or US phone numbers in their Slack profile. The first person to pick up and confirm they want the call by pressing 1 will be connected.

How to add a phone number to a Slack Channel

1. Make sure your Slack users have their phone numbers in their profiles. You can find out how to edit your Slack profile here.

2. Add Brix to Slack with this handy button:

2. Add Brix to Slack with this handy button:

3. In the Slack channel you want a phone number for, use the “/brix add” slash command, and we’ll reply with the phone number you’ve been given for that channel

4. Share the number Brix gives you with the world

5. That’s it. Anyone who calls your Brix number will get through to the first team member in the channel to pick up the call and press one to confirm they want to take it.

How much does it cost?

The Brix for Slack beta is free to use, and allows you to handle one inbound call at a time.

We're working on a paid, unlimited version, with mobile numbers for your team and outbound calls from Slack.

How to use Brix in Slack

You can manage you Brix numbers right inside Slack with the following slash commands.

Command Action
/brix add Gives the channel you’re in a Brix number
/brix number Returns the number of the current channel
/brix delete Deletes the channel number after a confirmation
/brix who Returns a list of channel members we can deliver calls to (UK landline and mobile numbers, and US numbers)
/brix sync Synchronises Channel member details with our servers - run this if you've changed who's in a channel or a member has changed their phone number.