The phone system for your Slack team.


Brix is the phone system that works the way your team works.

A business phone system on your team members' own devices, integrated with the services they use every day, and configurable in a matter of minutes.

Our beta version gives unique phone numbers to your Slack channels and Google groups; and we'll be adding services every month after we launch in early 2016.

Who is it for?

For Mobile Teams

Increase the productivity of your mobile workforce by routing calls to the teams number to their mobile; ensuring they have the information they need when they need it; and the freedom to use their own device.

For Dynamic Teams

With people constantly changing teams and working across multiple teams simultaneously, it's little wonder you find it hard to keep up. By keeping the team members from your email or IM groups in sync with your hunt groups Brix simplifies life for everyone.

For Project Teams

Different project teams use different software. With Brix you can connect the software you use to your team's number, so inbound calls from a client come with a link to the appropriate place in the relevant software.


60 second setup

Download the app, connect to Slack, invite your team, and you're good to go.

Magic config

Because we use your Slack channels to find out what teams your users are in, you don't have to mess around with config.

Flexible Digits

Give your team, project or business a UK 0330 phone number. Keep it forever or burn it when you're done.

Share the load

When someone calls, everyone's phone rings. Fastest finger wins.

Send & Receive

Send and receive calls via your team number on any mobile.

Work on the go

Brix lives on your mobile, so you can make and recieve your work calls wherever you are.

Stay informed

Instantly see who's talking to whom, updated in real time, so your team’s always in touch with what’s going on.

Get notified

Know who's calling with push notifications on mobile and desktop.